Nathaniel Charles

Meet Nathaniel

Look into the training regiment of Nathaniel Charles and hear from his coaches and trainers about his determination.

Who is Nathaniel?

Nathaniel comes from a single-parent home, being raised by his mom with his older brother’s help. Nathaniel is constantly training, running, and exercising. He has a strong determination to achieve his ultimate dream of playing for the NFL. After his uncle took him to his first Texans Game, he came back with a bigger drive. He said, “Mom, I saw myself on that field.” He hasn’t stopped training since, and even his brother trains with him.

How did it all begin?

Nathaniel started playing football at the age of 6yrs old for leagues (as shown in the pics), but the first official year he began playing was in 7th grade as a Wide Receiver and Quarterback (award video). In that year, he won “Offensive Player of the Year.” He continued to play those same positions up until the end of 8th grade. For his first year of high school, he will be playing as a Wide Receiver and Safety and excel in his skills.

What else does Nathaniel do?

Nathaniel is an influence on his 2 little cousins that desire to play football. So in his free time, he will be involved in their training and coaching.

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